Finzor Flag

The Kingdom of Finzor's Flag.

A southern Kingdom created in 0056 by Zor-Pi, it is one of the 5 kingdoms that came to form Zal Sovern Viance and Zal Gin Viance. After the fall of Zelticia, Finzor formed with the 5 other Kingdoms of the Zal Sovern Viance to form Sovleor.


In the early 0056 L.A, Zor-Pi lead a group called the Zor rebellion against the Kingdom of Kiriak because of the mass poverty at the time, Kiriak was the Kingdom where Zor-Pi grew up. Things seemed slim as his forces began to dim, until the Kingdom of Sclilia came to their aid, with Sclilia's help, Zor-Pi was able to easily take control of the kingdom with the help of Sclilia and Zor-Pi became a King by the end of 0056 L.A, renaming the Kingdom to Finzor. The Kingdom wasn't small and with a good sized population things went well for the Kingdom of Finzor. In 0058 L.A, Finzor had it's first war, they were on the defence against the Kingdom of Gurafu, the conflict went nowhere with both sides having no benifits, and in 0060 L.A the war came to an end. Afterwards a few wars took place with small Kingdoms over their harsh rulership of their lands, all these wars ended with Finzor's victory. And in 0078 L.A, Zor-Pi passed away, leaving his Kingdom in the hands of his first born son, Zor-Ghu.

Zor-Ghu worked to make Finzor wealthy and a better place to live to attract more people to emigrate to Finzor, after 10 years of this, Zor-Ghu concentrated on creating a "better south", by taking over every Kingdom seemed olden and/or cruel to it's people. This included the Kingdom of Gurafu once again. The Kingdom of Gurafu wasn't helped by the rebellion happening at the time lead by his own son, the Kingdom of Finzor made a deal with the rebellion that they would help the rebels take the throne, but they were to be Finzor's vessal, things seemed hopeless for the rebels at that time with no victory is sight, so they accepted the offer and by the year 0092 L.A, the Kingdom of Gurafu's king was thrown out and his son took over as king. In the year 0095 L.A Zor-Ghu met his end due to old age. Finzor's next king was his first son, Zor-Fvi.

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