Sclilia Flag

The Sclilia Flag

A Southern Kingdom created at the fall of Deriak in 0006 L.A by Sci-Ruk, it is one of the five kingdoms that came to form Zal Sovern Viance and Zal Gin Viance. After the fall of Zelticia, Sclilia formed with the five other Kingdoms of the Zal Sovern Viance to form Sovleor.


The Sclilia came to be created by Sci-Ruk, a master tactician who had a reputation for winning battles with minimal success rates. Sclilia quickly grew into one of the 7 strongest Kingdoms in the south nearing the end of the 100 year war. Sci-Ruk was leader until his death in the year 0051 L.A. Successor to the throne was Sci-Fu.

Sci-Fu was a tactician, however he was more peaceful than Sci-Ruk and not many wars took place under his reign, Sci-Fu died on 0069 L.A and handed over the throne to his second son Sci-Pu, because of his first son Sci-Il's treachery in selling out info to the Kingdom of Finzor in 0086 L.A.

Sci-Pu's first act was to improve relations with other Kingdoms, it was one of the helpers in the push to peace in the south of Zalginleor. Though coming close to a war in many occasion's in the period of Sci-Pu's rule, ultimately there were no wars and Sclilia's border didn't grow. Sci-Pu died on 0123 L.A, the next king was his first son, Sci-Won.

Sci-Won was as peaceful as the generations before him, though at this time they had a few wars with a few Kingdoms residing in the central area of Zalginleor, and as such it's borders grew into the central area a little. When Zelticia's second king Zel-Du passed away on 0124 L.A and the third king Zel-Shang came to power,  Sci-Won was the first to see that the Kingdom of Zelticia wasn't going to stay the same peaceful Kingdoms as before, Sci-Won requested an alliance with the eight kingdoms of the south, none took him seriously and it wasn't until Zelticia began concentrating on the Southern Kingdoms in 0160 L.A when the four other remaining Kingdoms decided that the alliance would be of best interest and early the following year of 0061 L.A, Zal Sovern Viance (The Southern Alliance) was created.