Zal Sovern Alliance Flag

Zal Sovern Alliance Flag.

Zal Sovern Viance (The Southern Alliance) was an alliance between all the countries in the south between 0161 L.A and 0171 L.A in order to take out the Kingdom of Zelticia. The alliance was altered in 0171 L.A when the five Kingdoms of the Zal Sovern Viance allied with the three remaining Kingdoms in the East, creating the new Zal Gin Viance.








The alliance had been brought up as a mechanism to bring Zelticia's tyranny to an end by the Kingdom of Sclilia long before the year 0161 L.A, however at this point Zelticia hadn't concentrated their efforts towards the south and to the other 8 Kingdoms in the south at the time Zelticia had no plans to invade, but things changed in 0160 L.A when Zelticia invaded and annexed the Kingdoms of Exuvga, Gurafu and Yuxan. Plans for an alliance was made immediately and by early 0161 L.A Zal Sovern Viance was created. For the most part Zal Sovern Viance were succesful in fighting off the Kingdom of Zelticia, pushing them back if only a little, things got better in 0171 L.A when the three kingdoms of the east called Fvie, Zul and Ifve joined the alliance after the three Kingdoms of Undal, Untafv and Evos fell to the Kingdom of Zelticia. After this they changed their title from Zal Sovern Viance to a more appropriate title as the alliance was not only situated in the south anymore, this new title was Zal Gin Viance.